Graduation OOTD

Yesterday was definitely an emotional and exciting day. I officially graduated from university with a BA degree in Mandarin Chinese (a sandwich honours degree). Here are the photos of my outfit during the day, and hopefully this helps anyone looking for inspiration!

I went for a simple and elegant look, as most girls did. I wore flats as I am nearly 6ft tall so those would be quite unnecessary! My dress is actually from Beijing, I picked it up in a gorgeous little market, it's unbranded but inspired by Victoria Beckham's line which is right up my street. It's a fairly block colour outfit, but I didn't mind as the most important part was the gown which covered the dress anyway.

The process itself went smoothly, and I went the night before to prevent rushing and having enough time to get everything right, aka my makeup! My bag is a simple black leather tote which fit everything but I didn't bring it with me to the ceremony as it would be a hassle. Thank goodness I didn't have to buy anything new to go with my outfit as I found everything I needed in my closet.

Here's a few instagram posts I uploaded, you get a better look at the shoes which are from Barratts. I love the diamante detailing as it transforms rather plain shoes into a more elegant design. Most girls wore bright, summery shades but the most important part was to feel confident in your dress choice (or jumpsuit as some girls wore).

This is me in what I realise right now is a slightly crooked gown. The hat fit perfectly, and didn't mess up my hair so that wasn't something to worry about. I ended up going down three sizes as the fit wasn't right! The dress managed to match the lapel perfectly, and with natural makeup I stuck with what I knew.

Needless to say, I'm pretty proud of myself as I graduated with a decent 2:1 and distinction in spoken Mandarin, which is quite a feat for me to achieve. I wish all you guys good luck if you're students as well, and I know this is such a special occasion for all!



  1. Congratulations!! I love your dress! Saw the first photo and recognised it instantly! I've just finished my first year at Trent! x

    1. Thanks, aw good luck with your degree!

  2. Congratulations on your graduation! Love the dress too :)

    Rachel | Beauty and the Bird


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