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I've picked my top three eye creams (and only ones) to feature for my favourite beauty products post today. These range in price, and type, but hopefully you guys will be inspired to pick one up as it is difficult to find a 'holy grail' product for a facial area with the sensitivity of egg shells...

1. Origins Ginzing Eye Cream

This retails for £20 which is hefty for a small tub. However, if you scroll back through the tag, you'll see this cream lasted me about six months worth of use so it really isn't too hefty. It's coming up to it's last legs, and I don't think I'll be repurchasing it. It works well and has been highly recommended but it hasn't changed my eye area drastically. The aim was to reduce my dark circles (which have become darker than my soul) but apart from adding a light layer of moisture, it doesn't conceal them. 

If this looks like something up your ally, and you have the dosh to spend, I would definitely suggest you invest as it does protect the eye area from damage and dryness.

2. Amaranthine Green Apple Eye Serum

This is sold in US dollars for around $35 and I was kindly gifted this, but I love it personally. If you have sensitive, allergic eyes I will say this isn't the one for you. The key feature is a tingling sensation which is meant to tighten and lift the eye area. If you're not careful, it can begin to sting and cause panic (?!) but in the morning it gives a boost and a bit of a wake up call. The plus points are the apple scent and creamy consistency, as well as the cruelty free label!

3. No7 Protect and Perfect Intense Cream

This retails for £17 but as it is sold in Boots, counts as drugstore. It is the cheapest of the bunch, and has nearly as much as the Origins cream. It does take a bit more to use, as this one is a thicker consistency. As it can look oily, I use this at night to prevent wrinkles. They say 18 is the age to begin rewinding the proverbial skin clock (ok, that sounds gross...) so I wanted something 'intense' to refresh my eye area. 

I have no complaints, it is easily washed off and when used sinks into the eye area nicely without greasy residue but I can't really attest to it's anti-aging properties. If you want to take that risk, I would go for it as it probably does brighten and tighten the under eye quite a bit, and is from a reputable brand.

Have you guys tried any of these?



  1. I love eye creams too, 'gotta protect ourselves as we age ;)
    I love the No7, looks great for a low price!

    The Flower Duet

    1. Thanks for reading! And yep, it is pretty darn good :)


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