Empties Review: Haircare Edition

I've been collecting up quite the storage space for all my empties which I would usually feature on my youtube but since I'm breaking them down it's easier to do them bit by bit in blog form!

Today are two hair products I've finished that (*spoiler alert*) I love. They are both essentially drugstore as they are very affordable and quite easy to find. 
The first is by Maple Holistics. This is the Argan shampoo which can be found online for £12. I was hesitant to use this every other day as organ oil is obviously very oil. However, it proved me wrong as it was really just about injecting a little more moisture into the follicles and calming down frizzy hair.

The bottle is huge, and although it doesn't lather up quite like others, the consistency worked well throughout my hair and it smells really nice, so overall I can't complain. If you have fine hair I would forego this as a weekly use, maybe just as a pre-wash hair mask instead.

The second product is by Lee Stafford, a well known UK brand sold in our drugstores. I'm sure this is also available online, so no worries if you're outside the UK. This retails for about £7 and is much smaller, but it is really meant to be used sparingly.

This is a lightening spray which gradually makes your hair more golden and bright. I used it in conjunction with other products, but during the summer months it makes for a great DIY highlight kit. It can be drying, due to the bleach effect, but it is better to test this out than to go platinum on a whim....

Have you tried either of these? I will definitely repurchase these when I need more products!



  1. Love the first one, I love anything organic!
    Great products!

    The Flower Duet

    1. It's an amazing natural product, I reckon it would work for anyone 😊


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