The Blogger Hangout Summer Event

Yesterday I attended my first ever blogger event, and alone at that. I wasn't sure what to expect but I knew it was a relatively small event as it was held in an art gallery. I ended up only staying for an hour, but strolling around each stall was lovely, and getting to know new brands and fellow bloggers.

This was held by The Blogger Hangout, and it's a more inclusive, open event as you simply sign up and should be confirmed within a few days. Below are all the pictures of the brands, and featuring the lovely products we got to sample.

Who: Kathleen
What: A skincare brand, featuring lots of natural ingredients. The creams smelt divine, and felt really soft on my skin. I'm totally tempted to now purchase a bottle for myself, as the ingredients sound amazing and I was told they are suitable for young skin as well.

Who: Nature's Wish
What: A mix of skincare, oils and sprays. I received a sample of her Balance face oil, which is suitable for oily skin (hurrah!) It smells lovely, like a classic mix of essential oils but not in an overpowering way. These have won a few awards, and are produced on a much smaller scale in comparison to the other factory produced oils on the market. There is a wide range of homeopathic based products, so if you want some relaxing and natural skincare items, I'd recommend these.

Who: Dinki Belle
What: A nail wrap company, as far as I know they produce a wide range of nail wraps which are an alternative to nail polish. I received the cherry blossom design (seen next to the sign) as I love florals, and they look very professional. These again are very natural and look easy to use. Once I've tried them out, I'll report back. They do claim to last up to 2 weeks, which I hope is true as I may just convert from my weekly nail polish routine.

Who: T-tox
What: Matcha powder teas. I tried the energise tea which was mixed with water. It tasted delicious, and really refreshing as opposed to the typical hot mug of tea. It is also a lot more concentrated than green tea, so its a great substitute for coffee in the morning. I will be picking up a tin for myself shortly!

Who: Sass & Belle
What: A homewares brand, with four locations across London. They sell cute and quirky pieces, as you can see from their summer collection above. I received the flamingo glass which I love. Their pillows are also adorable!

I hope this inspired you guys to attend more meet-ups or events. They really are fun, and a great networking opportunity!



  1. Wow. Congrats on your first event. Hope you had fun.

    1. Thank you! It was fab xx


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