How To Find the Best Instagram Theme

I personally joined Instagram in 2012 I think it was, as I remember during my first year of uni I was adjusting and learning how it all worked. At that point I only posted weird and overly filtered pictures of my nail polish, food or dog. Oh how times have changed! 

I've now got a high quality camera, iPhone 6, and a host of editing softwares. I know this topic is interesting for many people, especially girls, as instagram success dictates how 'popular' you are. I'm not going to discuss this issue today, but I'll admit, even for me reaching triple digits followed by a 'k' on Instagram is goal worthy. 
Below is a screenshot of my page, for visual aid on finding a theme. I'm not someone who strictly follows rules, so I use all colours, shades and subject matter. But below are my tips on finding your voice, and colour palette to help you progress your page! 

Currently I focus on makeup close-ups, hauls, vegan food and my outfits (all linking to my other social media posts). This is what my page will show you at a glance, and the number one tip on gaining support. If someone clicks on your name and sees a jumble of selfies with your cat, last week's blurry night out shots and a screenshot of your blog banner, they are unlikely to follow or be impressed.

This may seem harsh, but if I don't admire someone's 'artistic approach' e.g editing, lighting and colour correction then I won't be inclined to follow and stay updated with their life. My bio is mostly promoting my social media, but if you include clues as to what you'll post, the right people will find your page.

As for editing and filters, I use Vsco Cam which is popular atm, and features loads of free filters and an Instagram-type layout to see if it all matches. I use P5 on the 7 setting, so it's not overloading on colour correction but still cohesive (my top 6 photos have it!) As for the app, this is also free and I usually use the same brighten, sharpen, contrast, saturation settings on each photo. You really ought to stick to at least 6 photos with the same filter, otherwise there won't be a cohesive theme and match up between your pictures, and people won't know what to expect. For example, I love Freddie Cousin Brown's page, as it's very bright and pink, so any girly-girls/beauty gurus will instantly know to follow her for that 'Elle Woods' vibe.

My camera is amazing, I'm so happy to have invested in it, but this isn't the key. Some of the most popular pages use an iPhone 5, the key is to try different angles/backgrounds but keep the subject matter the same. I personally love flatlays, the best of which imo include Arabella Golby as she has a crisp, white theme and always has makeup flatlays.

Remember - as a blogger, youtuber or makeup artist (if you're reading this, chances are that's right) you should stick to set topics and theme of content - makeup, skincare, fashion etc. That's what people want to see from you, and it will also boost your blog success. I've gained 800+ in just 7 months on this account, and once I reach 1,000 I have a feeling it will snowball from there. People's comments help me decipher what they want to see.  

Always have a unique spin, even if you find inspiration online, it's important to be an individual and show your personality. If you try to be a carbon copy of someone else, or use the same filter and layout for each shot, guess what? People are gonna stick to the girl who has 50k rather than the girl copying her with only 540. It's tough but true, so I hope these tips help you!

Let me know yours in the comments!



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