How I Got Rid of Scars

I received the Celsus cream from the company about a year ago, and have since been using it quite diligently. The packaging says a maximum of three times daily would be sufficient, and I've got a few photos to show just how well it's been working.

I can be quite clumsy, so my hands and arms have quite a few burns and scars from cuts. I've been using it in five places and here is a nasty scar I got from a curling iron (typical..) last year. The cream came just in time, and I more or less use in everyday so the effect has been very progressive.

The tube itself is small, but you obviously use a tiny amount rubbed into your scar. It can work anywhere, even your face is necessary and it has a nice herbal scent, which is quite inoffensive. I don't know how much it retails for, but the website is here. I will try using it directly on my acne scarring, but that seems to clear up itself.

Here is a photo I just took, you can barely see the scar! It has faded quite amazingly, and is simply a small red patch of skin. In certain lighting you can't see anything out of the ordinary and I'm so glad as I love taking photos of my nails, but any imperfections would always annoy me.

I hope this review is helpful to anyone wanting to fix a few issues with their skin!



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