Favourite Real Techniques Brushes | 2016 Updated!

With the consistent release of new brushes, I thought today would be a good time to review some tried and true favourites of mine. The plus side, they are all drugstore brand! I love Real Techniques, and a part of me wants to cheerleader for all things Youtube, so of course as soon as this range was released, I picked up a few staples from Boots.

I have yet the need to try their chrome/gold collection, but maybe this summer on 3 for 2 offers I'll pick up a few. These are all base brushes - foundation, powder and primer worthy brushes:

 Retractable Kabuki, Setting Brush and Expert Face Brush 

These all retail for under £10, and cover all your bases. I use the face brush for rubbing primer in and often for applying a light layer of foundation. The setting brush as suggests the name, is for under eye setting as the shape allows you to get in the creases. The retractable one is perfect for travelling, or a quick layer of foundation as the brush hairs fan out quite a bit.

These are all cruelty free which is a huge plus, and for such an affordable price, I see no need to reach for MAC brushes which are often triple this price. The new bold metals collection is also instagram-worthy as I've seen so many flatlays featuring them. If you want a soft finish and a wide selection, I would recommend heading to a drugstore to check these out.



  1. Love real techniques so much! The expert face brush is my fave! x


  2. Definitely fine brushes, I'm planning on learning about makeup, so this post really helped me!

    The Flower Duet

    1. Aw thanks for reading! x


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