Blogger Event OOTD

Relating to my previous post about The Blogger Hangout, I wanted to break down the pieces I wore as there were quite a few fine details (and diamante). The theme was garden party chic, as it was a very summery event. And as a bonus, all the clothes are from the high street!

I rarely do anything with my hair, so I just straightened it so it wasn't all over the place. I went for floral shades, and a mix of green and purple for my outfit. I feel like it was very fitting for the theme, and blogger-esque without looking over the top.

Of course I had to do some posey poses, I love this top. It has a high neck but it isn't your typical t-shirt. This one is from Zara and has a built in bib necklace so no need to worry about accessorising. The green jewels also happen to perfectly suit my trousers.

The shoes are from Barratts I believe, as I bought them a few years ago so this exact design won't be in stock. The bow and diamante is adorable, and makes any outfit a little more sophisticated. The sizing is also really good, as normally even the plastic cheap shoes are too tight, but for all the taller girls, this brand has true sizes.

This beloved bag was a birthday gift from a few years ago, and is the mini Mulberry Alexa. It is a darker purple, but in pictures it came out very bright. It does go with a lot of items, as it has a muted purple colour, and isn't big and bulky. The true sophistication of Mulberry is made by the gold detailing around the straps and clasp. I'm in love!

These trousers are by Primark, which I think may be a surprise as they are very reminiscent of something from Topshop or Zara. They cost about £10 and I haven't regretted it once. A few threads have started coming loose from wearing them so often, but other than that, I see no difference from high end trousers.

And last but not least, a close up of the necklace which is attached to the neckline, but it somehow maintains being understated with a bit of glamour thrown in.

Do you guys have summer favourites?



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