Birthday Night Out OOTD

On friday I celebrated my birthday with friends by planning a fancy night out. I only do the whole 'clubbing scene' about once every six weeks so this was quite a big deal, and I wanted to wear something special.

I ended up getting quite a few compliments on the dress, which to me is a modern take on the 1920's glitz and sparkles seen in most dresses. Although it's monochrome, I added a little more colour to my makeup and nails.

The dress is from Boutique of Molly, who kindly gave me a discount code for a cookbook I was filming at the time. This happened to be the perfect time to wear it, and it's so eye catching that the rest of my outfit was easy to create.

I don't have a close up shot, but the choker is basically a stretchy piece of material which clips at the back and I folded it in half so it's not as thick. This one is from Pretty Little Thing, and they actually have a big range of shades if you're interested!

This clutch is vintage I believe, and I kind of stole it from my mum, so I can't tell you where its from as theres no label! However, the gold detailing adds a little more to the outfit as it's not totally black. It' also very spacious so it fit my bulky brick of a phone along with makeup and other essentials.

I actually wore thick Primark black tights, as with a short dress I feel more comfortable knowing my underwear will never be on show. This went well with the sequined Marks and Spencer flats I chose.

These are ballet flats, but more structured and with a pointed toe, I think they are quite elegant and go with almost any outfit.



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