Birthday Night Out Makeup

As promised in my last post, here is the makeup I wore for my birthday party last friday. Katy Perry's Last Friday Night would be the perfect anthem for that evening, although things didn't get quite as crazy!
I went with a few of my oldest school friends to club No.41 in Kensington. I was luckily invited by a PR company, so we had the full club experience; free drinks and all! I wanted to wear something special, that I couldn't get away with on a normal night so head over to saturday's post to see that. For my makeup, the tutorial will show that it was smokey, and bronze, but not overstated.

I used Violet Voss Penny glitter on the lids, which is a coppery shade and perfect for layering as the pieces are not overly chunky. I'm surprised that I didn't wear false lashes, but somehow they ruined the eye look this time. For cheeks I loaded up on bronzer, as in the dark setting you can really get away with any shade.

As you can see, the flashback was pretty intense. If I hadn't done a borderline drag queen makeup application, it really would have shown any flaws or oily areas. I am mostly impressed with Soap and Glory One Heck of a Blot foundation, but it does seem to contain spf or a lightening ingredient.

I loved my lashes for this look, they were way more intense than my normal look. I layered Benefit They're Real with Younique 3D mascara. This combo worked really well, and if you have almond shaped eyes or full lashes, this would look particularly amazing.

Everything else was quite basic, but head over to my channel soon for a tutorial/GRWM on this entire look, along with my straightening routine.



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