St Moriz Review | Best Drugstore Fake Tan?!

With summer just around the corner, I think most of us are reaching for the tan bottle, as jeans just don't cut it anymore. I'll be returning to regular shaving (tmi?) soon so this will come in handy. Not only for covering up cuts or pasty skin, but so I can wear skirts and shorts and look like I've just come back from holiday.

The one I've been using most recently is by St Moriz. This one I bought on sale a while ago, but I've been reviewing it for a few weeks and found that it's my current favourite.

This only retails for about £3-4 so it's an absolute bargain. The mitt is from Boots, as I wanted a cheap one to test out. It works well, it rubs it in evenly and the soft texture helps to easily cover a larger area of skin.

As you can see, the bottle pump has turned a little green. This is just from dried product that I pumped too much of. I find this quite comforting, as the tan has a more olive tone, much like St Tropez (more expensive sister to this) rather than being orange toned.

The mousse is not overly liquid so it rubs in and almost evaporates, I would rub it in immediately in case it dries in streaks. This isn't to say that it's messy, but don't leave a huge amount on your skin, try to rub it in straight away.

For the price, I would absolutely recommend this product, it works well. I imagine exfoliating and doing the full works will ensure a streak-free natural tan. Also, as far as I've seen, they do not test on animals.

Will you guys try this out?



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