Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar Review | Comparison

Wednesday, May 18, 2016 Alexa W 2 Comments

I've just unpacked an exciting makeup order from Makeup Revolution, and the new Golden Sugar 2 Palette was one of them! I wanted to do a side by side comparison, and I've also chosen my favourite shades to compare.

This retails for just £6 which is a steal considering the price of high end palettes. In both you get a mix of baked bronzers, blush shades and pressed highlighters. Check out the images below to see how they compare:

Left to Right: Ultra Palette Golden Sugar & Ultra Palette Golden Sugar 2

They are similar, but they appear quite different due to the texture and design of each shade. They are both 'sugary' pink tones - a variation from gold to dusty mauve. This is perfect for makeup artists or if you want to be tanned over summer and still use the same products.

Comparing the baked bronzer tones - top is the new palette and bottom is the original.  Very similar, but the original had a mix of gold glitter so it has more vibrant glitter flecks.

These would all work amazingly as eyeshadows - with a little setting spray on your brush! Again, the top highlighter is the new baked bronze-pinky shade and the original palette has a very subtle brightening highlighter. This one works on all skin tones, and would be best for nose and lip highlight as it doesn't contain glitter.

Which do you prefer?


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  1. I have never tried makeup revolution before but these palettes look really pretty x

    Zoe Mountford x

    1. I love their packaging! You should try it :)


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