Eating at Restaurants as a Vegan

I know any fellow vegans, or those with special dietary needs, can relate to this! I now understand what scouring a menu really means, out of need rather than hunger. I have been very impressed with certain places, whilst others have been a let down.

Here are some dishes to look out for, both yummy and vegan-friendly:

Penne Arrabbiata: This is quite simple but really is delicious. This one I ordered a few days ago was quite spicy, but still very filling. This should have no animal products in it, and has a sweet tomato base mixed with a hint of chilli.

Vegetable Appetizers: These might seem underwhelming, but mixed with a large main course they work oh so well! This was a baked mushroom, tomato and rocket starter. The lemon was amazing too, it added that extra tang to the dish. It also makes it easier to share with your dining partner. Look for any small, vegetable based dishes and soups, as those usually can be vegan!

Let me know your own recommendations below!



  1. I just ate at a 100% vegan restaurant the other day and I was surprised at how delicious everything was!


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