Drugstore Nail Art Review

If you're in the UK currently, you will agree that the weather has absolutely beautiful recently. This is definitely a great time to try out some bright nails and artistic designs (or even just dots!)

I'll be rounding up my current favourites, all drugstore, and explaining how easy nail art can be.
These items are all Rimmel, Essie and Primark.

These are from Rimmel's Rita Ora collection:

The base coat was one of Rimmel's all-in-one products - a mix between a nail restorative gel, base coat and a top coat! It dries quickly but I don't know if it does anything special for the nails.

The special kit was luckily found by the tills at Primark so I had to pick it up, as it was discounted! I paid just 80p for four nail tools, which I was on the hunt for, for ages! These are the two I used - the first was to make the stripes across my nail and the dotting tool was for the teeny polka dots.

The finished effect came out nicely, if I do say so myself and I am no pro at this. I want to film some tutorials using these products, and I am quite impressed with how well they came out. Essie is a little pricier, but all the products are under £10 and can be found in Boots.

Will you be trying these out?



  1. I absolutely adore the colour of these, so going to have to try them out!


    1. Ooh let me know what you think! :)

  2. Adore that Essie shade! Xx


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