Versace Crystal Noir Perfume

I think I'll be sharing a lot more perfume posts in the near future. I have so many yet I don't really utilise them at all! This is called Crystal Noir by Versace - this is an Eau de Parfum and I receive it as a gift set for Christmas.

In Boots, where I'm assuming my mum bought it, it retails for £35. Mine actually came in a beautiful box (I'll post pictures at some point) with a body lotion and miniature perfume. 

This is very floral, it may look like a 'YSL Opium' dupe but they couldn't be more different. This has notes of amber and tuberose which I love in a perfume. It has a sophisticated scent to it, but one which changes over time.

It is quite suitable for spring, but perhaps better for the evenings! The initial floral notes are sophisticated, then there is the amber infusion and possibly more spicy notes which add a sexier scent. It's one of those luxury perfumes that gets better the longer you wear it.

I have yet to test out the lotion, I use these types sparingly but I have high hopes. The miniature is a bit different though, it may be an eau de toilette and so is lighter.

Have you tried this?



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