Vegan Junk Food?!

Thursday, April 14, 2016 Alexa W 0 Comments

Today is a lifestyle based post, as I've been doing so many selfie based posts, surely you guys are sick of my face...

I went to Zizzi last night for dinner with a friend after hearing they had a vegan menu! I transitioned to this diet a while ago, this is my 3rd month fully vegan which seems quite intense, but to me it's just  a normal healthy diet to follow.

I highly recommend it, and even my friend liked the food even though she eats meat. Read on below to see what I ordered:

For starters I ordered garlic bread which came with roasted garlic cloves and rosemary sprinkled on top. This was delicious, and yes I devoured it myself! The good thing about vegan food is its very low in calories as there is little fat (e.g cheese, butter, meat) so I was barely full. 
It makes a nice change to the thick baguettes usually served.

For the mains, I ordered a Margherita pizza which was divine. It is quite simple and thin, so you have a variety of toppings. I ordered caramelised red onions which added a sweet but not overpowering flavour. As it wasn't doused in thick cheese, I found it easier to eat and it was very similar to the typical 'skinny pizza'.

The atmosphere itself is nice, as there aren't many people on weekdays in the late afternoon. How pretty is this lighting?

This is a UK chain but I know in the US definitely, there are vegan options.


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