Skincare Under £5 | Top Drugstore Picks

I've been trying out a lot of skincare combinations recently, and although they aren't a 'holy grail' item, they are definitely worth picking up.

First up is Boots Botanics Softening Cleanser - £3.33
This to me is not a makeup remover, simply because of the formula. A micellar water would work better, but for cleansing your face with a cotton pad this works great! I use it mostly in the morning and it has a delicate scent, and is very soft on the skin. I imagine this is a very natural range, with a lot of essential oils and plant extracts. Plus Boots don't test on animals!

Next is Castor Oil - £2.50
I bought this at a chemist about a year ago, so the brand is unimportant technically.. There are lots of benefits to this oil, and I use it on my brows and lashes. At first I was hesitant but over time it's softened both and acts as a conditioner. It promotes hair growth so my lashes and brows are fuller and longer.

Last but not least, Lacura Face Wipes - £0.75

This is the cheapest of the bunch, at 75p for 30 wipes, this lasts me a month of use and is a no fuss way to remove makeup. They claim it is a 3 in 1 product, but for me it gets makeup and impurities off without drying out my skin. They have a few types, and this is sold in Aldi in the UK.
As a student, this is my current go-to supermarket, and their skincare has been highly praised in the past. This also has no parabens, so bonus!



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