In a Nutshell: Top Two Vegan Recipes | Week 1

I've been slacking on the lifestyle posts recently, so here's a catchup of my favourites foods this week! As you know by now, I am vegan so these will be about 90% healthy recipes, and all under 20 minutes as I am lazy af...

First up is a delicious veggie burger:

  • Tesco Veggie Burgers - oven cook for 20 minutes, and they come out perfectly crispy
  • I used cold wholemeal burger buns but toasted for 30secs would be delicious too
  • I added spinach leaves and tomato for an extra kick of fresh veggies and then topped it off with Nando's Mild Peri-Peri sauce which actually turned out pretty spicy!

Grilled Veggie Pasta

  • Boil pasta as normal, this is fusilli which takes about 10 minutes, and I usually make it al dente (not very soft) as it's easier to get on the fork. 
  • I used courgettes, mushrooms and onions which I grilled all together with a few different oils and some vinaigrette for extra flavour.

These work really well for summer too, barbecues or let the pasta cool if you want to enjoy it outdoors.



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