Top Five Spring Hairstyles

Today I've rounded up my top five hairstyles for spring. I've only tried out one myself, as seen below.
These are all simple, I'm definitely not a professional at hair and usually I can never get the back quite right. So I've turned to those who know what they're doing, and linked my favourite looks below:

1. Undone French Plait
  • This is so easy to do, it took me one minute and I just separated my hair into three sections.
  • Then I started plaiting midway down my hair, leaving quite a bit at the end.
  • Last part is what really makes it 'undone' - I lightly pulled a few pieces from my temples to frame my face.

2. Simple Chignon

  • This is so easy to do, often times I pull my hair back like this without realising I've made a chignon!
  • The steps are all linked here - they even have photos so it'll take a minute to do, and suits any occasion. 
3. Short Messy Waves
  • Click here to check out Refinery29 's tutorial for shorter hair. It can be difficult when you don't have the length to experiment with styles, but this is a failsafe look!
4. Messy Buns
  • This is so simple, if you want to focus your attention on your outfit or makeup a bun is always a good option.
  • Missy Sue has three options for messy big buns, which is ideal for longer hair. I love how versatile it can be, you can even do these but pull your hair tighter for a sleeker look.
5. Big Waves
  • I thought I'd end the post with one of my one favourites. I can always do a video on this look too!
  • Wrap two or three inches of hair around a curling wand and hold for 10ish seconds.
  • Once you let that fall, repeat.
  • I like to brush it out with my fingers for a loose effect, and change the direction of my curls by twisting in the opposite direction.
  • You can tease the roots a little for more volume, and voila!

Which will you be trying out?



  1. My favorite is big waves. They look so effortless!

  2. Me too! They can be casual or glamorous :)


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