Top 5 Spring Fashion Pieces

Saturday, March 12, 2016 Alexa W 0 Comments

Keep reading if you want to see my current loves, very simple, but making a statement at the same time. 

So looking out my window as I'm writing this, it looks bleary. The sky is totally grey and my mum called me not long ago and said London is looking gorgeous and sunny. But nonetheless, I feel like it's officially springtime. Even China has already experience their Spring Festival!

Today I wanted to round up my favourite new, and old, pieces I'll be wearing this season. I have so many outfit of the days waiting, so hopefully you guys enjoy my fashion posts.

First up is this pair of black Missguided Cigarette Trousers. They have a pretty bow detail at the waist but for the purpose of this outfit and how I styled them, they are quite simple elegant trousers. They are very structured but they are quite short (at least on me!) so you can get away with them for daywear.

These Marks & Spencer Leather Boots are not quite the knee high pair I was hoping to emulate Pia Mia in, but they are still quite fabulous! They cost around £40 and I have yet to fully wear them in. They aren't uncomfortable but with a structure boot like this you need to wear them in a little. I love the 'suede' material on the back too.

This is a Missguided Green Satin Bomber Jacket I picked up during the winter. I think I featured it in a haul but I have yet to wear it 'out'. It's very lightweight, so perfect for springtime and it goes with most shades and outfits.

As you can see, a pattern is developing (no pun intended) This is a Pretty Little Thing Satin Panel Jacket, featured in my newest haul! I don't have anything like this yet and it's such a feminine colour.

Last but not least, this also happens to be the most inexpensive piece. This is a Primark bib necklace (will be in an upcoming Primark haul) that cost just £5. They have quite a lot of statement pieces this season, and I particularly love this one. It reminds me of a summer holiday, and wearing tribal, boho prints for some reason.

Which is your favourite piece?


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