Shine Bright Like a Diamond

So I know sparkly things always catch my eye, and whether it's an accessory or eyeshadow, I'm all for a little more shimmer!

Today I'm featuring a company you may be familiar with - Gemporia . They are launching a new service called The Diamond Room. If you're strapped for time and like me, don't like wasting time scrolling through pages and pages of products this will be a fabulous option for you.

With mother's day coming up in the UK as well as lots of birthdays I'm sure, take a look at their website for some gorgeous rings, necklaces and bracelets. This service in particular could help you save more than 50% from regular high street prices and you can even have one to one sessions to pick out the perfect piece.

This service will launch on March 4th and don't worry, it's conducted via video chat! This is definitely an innovative concept, and they have 700 different designs so you'll have an abundance of choice.

Let me know if you take a look!



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