A Successful Morning Routine

I would say this year so far is the time I have 'perfected' my morning routine. And I use air quotes because no routine can be exactly right, but it's not difficult to find what works best for you!

This is mostly a post about food, as I can't tell you what to do, but below I've written my top tips on making the most of your mornings. 

So this picture might not look appetising, but oh my goodness, it tastes heavenly! I mix it all in together, but start one by one so I can see exactly what I'm putting on.

First step is the chia seeds (after making the porridge of course) there's no limit on healthy foods such as this, but I do about one tablespoon of each. Then I add coconut nectar aka sugar, which has melted into the centre and last but not least, some milled linseed.

In these you will get a big dose of omega 3, fibre and lots of other goodies. This is vegan which is why I love making it, it takes three minutes! Pop over to instagram to see how else I make porridge, sometimes I prefer a fruit based portion.

This is essentially brain food, so a great way to start your morning.
My next tip is to eat within an hour of waking up; basically telling your body to wake up and get going rather than lying in bed hungry..

Waking up early is a great tip, if you have a busy schedule this will actually give you a lot more time. They say the person who wastes an hour in the morning, spends the whole day searching for it. I really believe this, so I get the majority of my morning checklist done by 9am as I wake up around 6am.

If this is too much, try it in increments such as everyday 20 minutes earlier, and earlier. Going to bed an hour earlier will give you an easier morning the next day as well. Lastly, I would say have a plan. This sounds simple, but if you don't know what you're doing or why, you won't feel motivated to get things done.

I have a checklist of deadlines on my desk so if I start panicking I can get started on one of those, or decide what activity would be best for the morning. For example, if I'm meeting a friend for lunch, I should film a tutorial in the morning to save time when I get home.

Let me know your best tips, and if you'll try these out!



  1. Great routine and quote, you are an inspiration!

    The Flower Duet

    1. Thank you 😘 that was the hope!

  2. Great routine and quote, you are an inspiration!

    The Flower Duet


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