Nivea Post Shave Balm | Holy Grail?

If like me you are kind of obsessed with youtube makeup artists and tutorials, you will have heard of this already. I've also used it in my own tutorials as I bought this a few months ago, and yes, it does seem like a weird female beauty pick!

Nikkie Tutorials mentioned this a lot, and from there the use spiralled in the beauty community, using this as a primer! Nikkie says it creates a good base for makeup to stick to, so let's see how it works:

 This retails for £5.35 in Boots

It is a generic creamy texture, and since this one is Sensitive the formula shouldn't irritate your skin. As most girls say, it does smell of "men" which isn't necessarily a bad thing! It's kind of like scented moisturiser.

Blended in, it feels quite sticky but it dries quickly and it is invisible. If you have oily skin, avoid too much on your t-zone as it is not mattifying! Other than that, it didn't change my makeup application, but it did sit very well as a base, and my foundation applied smoothly over the top.

If you're not convinced, this is also multi-use, you can always share it with a guy in your life, or use it on your legs etc after shaving.

Will you guys be testing this out?



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