How To Be a Makeup (Plus) Pro

I had just watched a Buzzed video that popped up in my subscription box, and as an instagram 'addict' the title intrigued me. 'Women try a selfie app' was not something I had seen before, and I wondered how one could need an app to take a picture?

After the video had finished I wanted to try it for myself, mostly for the eye colour changing options, and so I downloaded it from the App store.

It is a free app as far as I know, so it's accessible for everyone. Below I've shown you the two photos I've done this morning, and you'll see whether I go from a 7 to a 10 or become a creepy doll...

I used nearly all the features they provide, which does make quite a drastic difference to my makeup! I started with a filter from Vsco Cam for my instagram feed, but other than that I didn't alter my face. It does look realistic, until you add the contacts in. 

This is the prettiest of the two in my opinion, and they have so many colour choices it's fun just to play around with. I think I'll stick to using it for the eye colour which is the only thing I would want to change. The foundation option is great if you want to take a selfie and look natural, but cover up blemishes without actually "editing" your face.

I believe this is a Korean app, as the app homepage has lots of Korean makeup examples. This would make sense as Korea is known for their crazy beauty trends.

Will you be trying it out?



  1. I had a similar one and it was fun to play with it.

    lu | Coco&Louis

    1. It's definitely fun when bored haha


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