Damage-Free Hair | Top Tips

  • I start with this on the lengths and spray 4-5 times, then brush through wet hair
  • This retails for £7.99 in the drugstore, and often Boots has these on offer for 3 for 2 etc
  • It doesn't have a particular smell but it's one of those extra steps that makes you feel great, and I think for next day hair it keeps it feeling smoother.
  • This brand doesn't test on animals, thought I would add that in, as for me this has become an important aspect of buying products!

  • This retails for £5.78, slightly cheaper than the aforementioned product and it does the same thing. I use this in the same way, before any heat tools. 
  • I always make sure to 'mask' my hair from damaging substances/enviromental effects so the lengths are a lot more silky than they used to be.
  • This has quite a nice scent to it, and once my hair is dried, the flyaways are kept to a minimum.

This is a recent selfie (outfit post coming soon) when I had styled my hair with straighteners. Apart from these two products I alternate between hair oils on the ends of my hair, and avoid anything near the crown.

Would you like a follow up post/video on this hairstyle?



  1. That Lee Stafford spray sounds amazing! I'm really considering buying a whole host of their stuff because I've heard some incredible reviews on loads of it

    Steph - http://nourishmeclean.blogspot.com

  2. I never tried the Tresemme one, but it probably works very well! I have used the shampoo and conditioner from their keratin line.


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