Perfume Collection

 I put my Perfume Collection video up on Sunday, and as suspected, it's been very popular!

I know blogs and other social media can be quite separate, so if this is of interest to you, check below for the link. 

These are three of the most 'photogenic' perfumes shall we say.. 

  • Miss Dior Cherie L'eau - A fresh and springtime scent, it is quite delicate as you would imagine
  • Signorina - A more powdery, woody scent than Miss Dior, it is still daytime appropriate
  • Infusion D'iris - A beautiful and classic bottle, the spray is a little tough at times to work, but other than that it has notes of neroli, iris and is slightly more spicy than the others

Let me know your thoughts and favourites!



  1. I love Valentina, it's a beautiful scent and a lovely bottle.

    Kiran |

  2. I love your photos. Miss Dior is my favorite.

    Charming Coco

  3. lovely pics!
    You can enter my giveaway, if you like :)


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