New Year, New Jewellery

I know we are all used to hearing the kind of tedious 'New Year, New Me' line (I've probably used it in the past...) but today I'm focusing on new pieces in Jewellery. Gemporia reached out to me, and after having a look at a few collections, I fell in love!

They use only genuine gemstones and precious metals in their pieces, as well as work with 'The Colourful Life Foundation' which helps communities who produce the gemstones. I love me some high street shops, but this is the kind of  brand that adds a unique touch to your jewellery collection.

These are my top five pieces, in a range of prices:

0.79ct Zambian Emerald Sterling Silver Ring (£44)

This is my birthstone, for May, which is an emerald. Is it just me who associates that with Wizard of Oz? It happens to be one of my favourite films, so a win win!

8.00ct Rainbow Moonstone Sterling Silver Bead Pendant Necklace (£22)

 This is such an adorable design, I really like simple pieces, especially for pendant necklaces. This would be a great choice for daytime.

Sterling Silver Infinity Necklace With Sliding Mechanism (£24)

 I love the infinity symbol, I think it can have different meanings for people, but to me it is quite a romantic choice. This would be lovely for evening events. I have to also say, it reminds me of Revenge, do we see a pattern yet?

AA Tanzanite & White Topaz Sterling Silver Bracelet ATGW 3.82cts (£146)

 This is more of a luxury piece, this is nearly 4cts so personally I would wear this on special occasions. I love the powder blue shade mixed with silver. You would have to find a specific outfit/dress for this but it looks so delicate!

Thai Ruby & Diamond Gold Vermeil Earrings ATGW 2.81cts (F) (£82)

I have yet to get my ears pierced, which for my age is a bit weird I know. My mum never had them done and I didn't get around to planning it. Nonetheless, I love this pair, the red and subtle yellow tones look so beautiful. They are quite subtle but if you had your hair up, they could easily become statement pieces.

What do you think? Do you guys have any New Year jewellery faves?

By the way, don't forget to check out my giveaway post, it ends tomorrow!



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