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Natural Daytime Makeup to Evening Makeup

Wednesday, January 13, 2016 Alexa W 0 Comments

 I will start off by saying this is a belated post, most of you know I post on tuesday, thursday and saturdays but I'm back at university now, and so the workload worsens!

Anyway, on a happy note, this is a little look I was trying out and it really is simple. If you guys want me to do this in video form too, let me know in the comments.

I started off with nude peachy toned lips which is always my go-to and lilac, mauve toned eyes. As this is a daytime look, I used all natural tones from Makeup Revolution palettes. I used the Rimmel Wake Me Up mascara which is very natural and a shimmery blush.

For the 'evening' look you can adjust how dramatic you want to go, but this is more or less for dinners or evenings with friends.
I added a Barry M lipstick in a burnt orange shade and topped it off with another Makeup Revolution product (they're very impressive) in Ultra Velour Lip Cream. I added The Body Shop Honey Bronzer to intensify my cheekbones and jawline for  a sharper contour. I also added the mauve shade to my lower lash line, and I think it's very flattering so if you have similar features and eye colour to me, try it out!

And it's that simple! I hope this gave you some ideas, and let me know your own below.


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