Models Own Haul

I received these few goodies as a belated Christmas present from a friend, and I can't wait to try them out. Let me know if you want a full review and I can do a follow-up post.

First up is the 'Golden Eyes' Eyelash Kit, which has these snazzy gold eyelash curlers (no travel friendly, but oh so pretty) and Volumizing Mascara in black.

These are two quite unique colours, the first is 'Chrome Silver' - a very vibrant metallic silver, almost as shiny as the packaging!
Next is Midsummer Mauve - a Gel formula, which glides on the nails really smoothly and comes out quite opaque. The formula reminds me of OPI but these are more affordable.

The plus is that Models Own do not test on animals!

Will you be trying them out?



  1. I only have one models own polish and I really like it, I love the shades of these x

    Zoe Mountford x

    1. I love either neutrals or crazy shades :)

  2. Love this!



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