Healthy & Cheap Vegan Breakfast Ideas

If you follow my other social media platforms you will have noticed I've made a huge change recently - I've become vegan!

This was something that was in the works for a while, and one night I decided after researching it, to just go for it and I haven't looked back since (three weeks to be precise.)

Here are three healthy options with no fuss, if you want a lighter yet filling meal check them out:


Muesli with Raspberries

This is one of my favourite combos; the fruit add sweetness and flavor but this muesli already has sugar added and raisins. You can choose any type you want or make your own from scratch. I also add almond milk, and there are lots of dairy substitutes out there.

 Fruit Platters

Above and below, are two breakfasts I made this week. This is so easy - you rinse the fruit and then cut them into smaller pieces or however you choose. I arranged them nicely of course for the photo, so without this process it only takes one minute!

They all are high in sugar and water content which is why I eat at least one packet. Then you will feel full throughout the morning and like you started off on the right foot (and with a sweet kick!)

Let me know your thoughts! I hope to do more easy vegan recipes that anyone can enjoy soon!



  1. I love the fruit platter idea. It looks pretty and it's delicious!


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