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Winter Makeup | Transition from Summer Looks

Tuesday, December 22, 2015 Alexa W 4 Comments

Today I am writing all about the makeup I love for winter, and all throughout fall, in comparison to what I would normally wear during summer.
For me summer is for bright, light colours for the lips and eyes, and smokier makeup for the winter season. I almost always have neutral tones for the rest of my face, but usually I like to match to the occasion and my outfit!
I'm collaborating with Adore Me and have included some really cute pieces below (all perfect for this season!) and they even have a little guide to makeup and lingerie if you want to take a look:


This is one of my favourite sets, I love lacy detailing and wouldn't this be perfect to receive for Christmas?!

 Above is my typical summer look, obviously taken a while ago, and I chose a bold lip that day but again stuck to pinky tones and lots of mascara with plain lids. 

I also like to change the tones of my makeup, for example darker brows during winter.

 This was literally taken a few minutes ago, and I'll be posting this on instagram soon which is why it has a filter! Other than that, you can see I used silvery toned shadows (Urban Decay) with a black on the lid to intensify the smoky look. A neutral lip works so well with this look, and I bronzed up my face so I don't look like a panda!

Go-to products recently:

Anastasia Brow Whiz - gives perfect definition
Rimmel Apocalips - both matte and shimmery, to match whatever eyeshadow you choose
Sleek Solstice Palette - (posted on IG) gives the nicest glow to your nose and cheekbones, even with matte skin during winter

click to enlarge

This is a quick guide, featuring Adore Me pieces (how gorgeous is the red!) and corresponding makeup if this so takes your fancy.

The bottom picture is most similar actually to the look I have on  now, a bolder eye with a neutral lip.

Which is your fave look?


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  1. Like the last make-up :)

    Maria V.

  2. Your eyes are gorgeous!


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