Origins Ginzing Eye Cream | Review

I should first mention that this will be the last post with my little old iphone 6 plus camera. I now am the proud owner of the Canon EOS 700D!

The quality is more crisp and has better focus features, so prepare yourself for amazing posts in 2016! Today I decided I wanted a short and simple review, so since this is such a hyped up product I had to try it out myself.

The Ginzing Eye Cream retails for about £22 to £24. This is definitely a hefty price for a small cosmetic product, however an eye cream is worth investing in.

There isn't a strong scent or anything weird so it should suit most skin types, I have sensitive eyes and it hasn't caused any reactions (bad, anyway)

I use this only in the morning as it is more light and refreshing so at night I use a thicker, more moisturising one.

This is the consistency and colour, it obviously dries clear but it definitely boosts the under-eye area and wakes you up.

They also do 'Eye Doctor' and eye gels if that takes your fancy, but this works really well so if you have Boots points to spend this would be worth it!



  1. i have been looking at this as I'm in need of a new eye cream, they are quite expensive but I do think they last a long time x

    Zoe Mountford x

    1. Yes! I end up using too much, so a pea sized amount per day is enough :)


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