Makeup Revolution Ultra Base Corrector Palette | Review

 A slightly belated post, as I was up all morning preparing this look! Setting up ring lighting is tougher than it looks, positioning it so that it not only didn't blind me but also gave the right amount of light to my face took a bit of time...

Anyway, here is a little review of the new Ultra Base Palette from Makeup Revolution. It has a huge choice of shades, so whatever discoloration you have, this palette will be able to cover those up.

This is the finished result, I used it under my eyes (no editing) and then layered it up with concealer. The red shade is amazing as a base, it totally cancels out the greenish blue tones we pale girls get!

For £6 it really is a bargain, and it has a thick creamy formula so is easily blended. My under eyes have yet to crease or look bumpy, so far so good!

Will you be trying this out?



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