Eylure Pro-Lash Dye Kit | Demo & Review

I've just uploaded a video showing you girls how to do this and my brows, which admittedly took a long time, but the process itself is simple.

This is the first time I used it, but since these photos I've topped it up several times. The pack itself can be used 4-6 times I think as I use a lot of gel but a little goes a long way. So head over to my channel if you want a full demo of both products!

Step 1 is coating around your eyes to protect them, I would recommend this the first time as you don't want to get dye on your lids!

This is after I applied the first gel, as pictured below, and let that sink in for a few minutes

And below is the final result. A before of my lashes with no product on them. And after, with the dye. It is a very natural result, which is why it is reusable, and just adds a little definition to your lashes.

Will you guys be trying this out?



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