Eylure Lashes + Brow Dye Haul

This is quite an exciting post, as I have been wanting these products for a while now! I also picked up a lash dye kit but that will be a post in itself. These are all from Eylure which Boots stocks and they had 3 for 2 recently.

I will be further reviewing this, but after the first few uses this is so easy to do, and has a very natural and polish effect.

If like me, eyelashes are quite the chore, these individual ones will be perfect as you have full control over application and the finished result. I like to use these at the corners for a fluttery effect.

These are really nice, and I'm excited to use them in a tutorial. As someone with 'small' eyes I don't like heavy lashes or full sets, but these have a tiny band and varying lengths so it will surely look very natural.

Have you guys used any of these before?



  1. I am not a big fan but these look amazing!


    1. Interesting, they work well for me :)


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