Christmas Haul 2015

Saturday, December 26, 2015 Alexa W 4 Comments

First of all, happy Boxing Day if you are celebrating today, and I hope you have a fab, relaxing day!

Instead of a video this year, I wanted to do a blog post and for the January sales I will do a video so check out my channel if you're interested in that!

Here is a roundup of the gifts I received this year from family:

 This is a lovely giftset of three items, I probably won't use them all at once as I have so many I always end up using random items!

 I picked out this L'oreal polish and it's a gorgeous holographic shade, which I'm loving lately. So much more fun than opaque "matte" shades. And I always receive a new Bio Oil from my parents, so this made for a nice stocking filler.

 I wasn't expecting this, such a nice addition! This is the Benefit collection of their most popular products. I have most of these but sample sizes always come in handy, and I have yet to try the Rockateur blush.

 My aunt gave me this lovely Marks and Spencer bathrobe, it is a dark purple with polka dots, as I'm sure you can all see, but anyway I love the material. It is so soft and one of those you want to wrap up in after a bath.

Of course, last but not least, Christmas isn't complete without slippers which I received on Christmas Eve. These are all super soft, and mine are in a large so they only come in three sizes. I love just walking around the house in these as opposed to socks.

As I said, I will be doing January sales shopping so stay tuned for that, as I received spending money as well as these gifts.

Let me know your gifts below!


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  1. Wow, I want those socks too...

    Happy Holidays!
    The Flower Duet

    1. haha, I think most high street brands have similar ones!

  2. That Neils yard gift set is gorgeous. I put up my what I got for Christmas today if you fancy a nosey Coleoftheball xx

    1. Thanks, I'll take a look!


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