Casual Shopping Day Outfit

 I went to Westfield Shopping Centre yesterday with a friend, and for the first time noticed how amazing the walls surrounding it were for outfit photos!

As we were shopping and meeting for coffee, I didn't get dressed up but still wanted to make an effort.

  •  New Look Coat: I love the faux fur around the collar, which is also detachable
  • Warehouse Boxy Top: This is a short sleeve blue top with a very boxy, flowy shape but it goes with   literally anything
  • Celine Nano Luggage
  • New Look Jeans: These are from the Tall range, in a skinny style
  • Nike Trainers: I think the official style is Free Run 5.0
  • New Look Necklace: This is very old, from years ago, but it's a nice statement piece for an otherwise plain outfit

It is freezing nowadays, but yesterday it wasn't too bad in central London, so I could get away with a tshirt! This coat is actually very warm so that's a huge bonus for days out.



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