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Saturday, November 28, 2015 Alexa W 2 Comments

I've read about this product quite a few times in the past, and it seems to be the 'hit or miss' type, people either love it and swear by it or simply compare it to other primers with similar results.

I've only used this a few times, but it works well and I have no complaints. I started breaking out along my t-zone a few days ago (before using this) but despite the thick consistency it hasn't messed with my skin.

This is quite a hefty price at £14.00 but it is in between drugstore and high end independent makeup. I bought mine on sale, and keep in mind TBS has black friday offers of 40% off right now!

This is how much I use for my t-zone day to day, and rub it in using this foundation brush from Real Techniques. Using your fingers would work well too, as you can massage it in like a face cream.

After coming home from classes, my makeup still looked great, and basically the same as above which was taken in the morning. My chin area doesn't hold foundation well but with this product, it looked matte and had minimal transfer from reapplying powder during the day!

If you have acne prone, oily skin, be wary when using this as it could block your pores but I find it gives a nice, smooth base.

I used Estee Lauder Double Wear and it works a dream together!


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  1. It looks really good! I'm glad it works well on your skin!

    1. Thanks Raquel :) definitely recommend it!


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