Having Major FOMO

So I'm sure we all get that feeling of longing to be somewhere our friends, or family are. Nowadays we call it 'FOMO' which is fear of missing out, and I have to admit on the rare occasion I see something so amazing I wish I could teleport there, I get major FOMO!

image from https://www.pinterest.com/kathyhenry1276/pencil-art/

Last year, I really wanted to be at Coachella, seeing all the celebrity instagrams and media articles about the artists just made it all seem amazing, yet for some reason this year I just didn't mind that much.

The fear doesn't seem to be logical, a lot of times it's for a friday night party you can't attend, or a birthday party you just don't have time for yet still wish you could attend...

I usually use social media to stay connected to current events and updates for public events, but it is key to plan these ahead of time and discuss with friends. Facebook is especially good for more personal events as that is your own space, but when it comes to bigger events, how can you be ahead of the crowd?

Booking tickets in advance is an obvious yet stress inducing step.  There are actually a lot of websites which help with this sort of thing, and if you're not sure what event you're looking for but you know you want to create amazing memories this season, I would recommend this!

One that I have recently come across is EventBrite which is specific to your area and categorized so you and friends can all agree on something, no matter what you want to do, this site will probably be able to help you arrange that! You can also organize your own local event with their event management software

Let me know your thoughts, and how you prevent FOMO.



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