Favourite Autumn Candles

Saturday, October 24, 2015 Alexa W 2 Comments

I have a seasonally appropriate post today, finally! This is all about my favourite home scents currently. 

I have my top 3, so as not to overwhelm you with all those different ranges. First up is this Blissful Autumn candle, in a medium jar. The scent is quite delicate, reminiscent of "fresh air" if that makes sense. And a little bit of spice in there too kind of like a mix of everything in autumn.

 Next is this Apple Pie votive from  Yankee Candle again. I just tried this one out and love it. It smells very sweet as you'd expect but not in that sugary sickly way, but just very homely. Kind of like you've walked into your kitchen and it's cooking in the oven. Perfect for weekends!

Last but not least, is a luxury and very different scent. This one is Trish McEvoy and has a base of fruity scents. This was my parents but they had two so I stole one...shhh!
It smells as described, but there's a little musk in there, I'm not sure how to describe it other than a little more luxurious than typical fruity scents.

Do you guys have any of these?


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  1. I really want to try out the apple pie candle! Such a seasonal appropriate scent! Great post! X


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