Duke's Palace Hotel - Bruges Trip

Saturday, October 31, 2015 Alexa W 2 Comments

So, I will admit this post is a bit overdue as this trip was at the end of summer, but what better way to round up 2015 than reminisce over this years' holidays?

I went on a long weekend to Bruges, Belgium with my mum and it was definitely fabulous. We stayed in Duke's Palace Hotel as pictured below, which is a literal Palace converted into a hotel. Amazing right?!

 The lounge/bar, which faced beautifully manicured lawns, had pictures of old hollywood movie stars, and important public figures like Princess Diana etc. It kind of transported you to a different time.

 This is the view our room had. It looked out onto the garden, and had a funny yet large sculpture of a poodle.

 The bathroom was better than 'decent sized' and had a large shower, and bathtub. As I was going through mother nature's gift that week, I didn't use this but my mum said a bubble bath was really relaxing. I will be doing a follow up post in the near future, so keep an eye out for more details on my trip!


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  1. That bathroom looks divine! Hope you had an amazing time

    Steph -


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