Drugstore Beauty Haul

You know how it is when you go into Boots for  a quick top up of something you need, and you end up with a basket full of items? Well that's pretty much what happened this time...

I did have vouchers in my defense, and these were all things I had my eye on so why not get them in one go. I hate having to go back and forth and I'd rather get everything sorted so I mostly picked up makeup this time which I've been testing out;

 This powder has been great for 'baking' and simply adding a setting layer to my concealer.

 Stay Matte is one of my favourite ranges, and this powder has been compared to MAC by Gabriella on youtube, so I'd say it's worth the £5!

 I think the picture says it all, It's the Cherry On Top is a beautiful deep red and goes on so easily, if you're in a hurry this is the range for you.

 Rimmel and Maybelline have my favourite drugstore mascaras so I had to try this new one out, it doesn't curl the way I thought, but it does add natural flutter to your lashes if that makes sense.

So those were all the items, apart from cotton pads etc the boring stuff, I found a lot of new stuff and will surely feature them soon in tutorials. 

Let me know your thoughts below!



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