SkinnyMint Detox Tea Experience

Today I have a round-up post for a recent product I was reviewing. 
 I was kindly sent the Skinny Mint Tea which was a 28 day use. I have earlier posts describing the tea, but it was really easy to incorporate into my daily routine.

I've included two photos of about a week or so after finishing the period, and I did notice some positive changes. My waist in particular which is my problem area was slimmer, in the sense that it has a smoother shape.

You may not be able to tell, but my clothes skim over my waist more nicely, and if I weren't so tall I think my hip area would be noticeably trimmer! I've seen so many positive weight loss tea stories, so I would recommend it as an aid to slimming down.

This was again a week after finishing, and rather than fluctuating, my weight has stayed down and dresses cinch in nicely at the waist. On top of these surface changes, the tea gave me energy boosts and had many natural ingredients which of course help digestion, sleep etc.

If you are hoping to 'overturn' bad diets or an unhealthy lifestyle this sort of program is perfect as you can choose the type you want and it motivates you to become more healthy.

Will you guys try this product out?



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