Shine Bright Like a Diamond

I made a pretty huge purchase the other week on superdrug's website, and finally I was able to unpack my goodies today! 
I was most excited about the face products and bronzers I chose. These are all from Makeup Revolution, a somewhat new brand that I'm excited to continue trying out and reviewing.

Radiant Light Exhale Highlighter / Baked Highlighter Pink Lights / Baked Bronzer

And here is the final effect. I did my more or less natural daily makeup, and on the highest points I added the radiant lights to create a subtle glow. I will be featuring these and more in an upcoming haul so stay tuned for that!

For drugstore, they really do compare to other high end products and palettes, I'm even thinking of doing a whole dupes video.



  1. You have a wonderful blog, like this post , just a beautiful shades :)

  2. I love the lilac shade, I have that and it's one of my favourites! Love the Radiant light shade though, need to see if I can pick that up the next time I'm near a Superdrug! x


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