St Regis Afternoon Tea & Shopping

Saturday, August 08, 2015 Alexa W 4 Comments

I recently made a trip from Beijing to Shenzhen, whilst I was abroad. I have a friend, Opri, who is living there and fortunately we could meet up whilst we were both in China. 
I stayed with her which was easy, and we definitely did some damage to our cards when we met up! 

She took me to 'KK100' and the St Regis for afternoon tea, some of which you can see in these pictures. It was amazing, and more pictures are on my instagram. It was boiling hot but my top kept me cool, so the jeans were actually ok to wear.

What I'm wearing:

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  1. You looked great at your tea, sounds like a fun trip!


  2. The blue looks great on you :) xoAndra

  3. nice! this is my blog pls read!


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