Benefit Roller Lash Follow-Up

Today is an exciting review of a well-loved product; Benefit Roller Lash Mascara.
I have been testing this out from time to time and now I have my final review as a whole!

I believe this retails for about £23 in Boots.

I will review the other products I've been loving for my lashes and brows, but this particular mascara really does the trick. Benefit products usually do what they say on the packaging, which is great but keep in mind everyone's face is different. 
I have deep set eyes so this may look different on others, yet my lashes are instantly curled and packed with lashings of black mascara. It's perfect for day to day if you don't have time to do your eye makeup.

This really does open up your eyes too, so fellow small-eyed gals will love this.



  1. I love anything Benefit...will have to give this a try!



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