August Musthaves - Fashion, Makeup & Hair

Today as we come to the end of August, a.k.a the end of our summers, I wanted to do a little roundup of recent things that I've been loving.

I've found a little pick and mix of items I've been impressed by, so keep reading if you want to hear my thoughts;

Instyle September 2015 Issue - I turned to this page because not only is this ad gorgeous but I've fallen in love with Jimmy Choo scents, the exotic perfume is particularly amazing but this one looks amazing too! This issue had some great beauty tips I hadn't heard yet too.

Batiste Nourish & Enrich Dry Shampoo - This smells great, not the boring hairspray scent you'd imagine (although you've grown to accept) and Batiste is a cult favourite for all, so it's a win win and this retails for about £3.99

Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Spray -  this brand needs no introduction, I've made a huge order on and plan on reviewing and 'duping' the items in comparison with high end brands! This setting spray is a makeup-saver and great for nights out.



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