January Favourites; Boxed In

Hey guys,

Today I'm talking all about my January obsessions and what has had me glued to my duvet all month! (except when I was preparing food to eat whilst watching these)

- The Good Wife - 

This is classified as a political drama, which is what made me hesitant at first. I wanted some escapism with a good storyline, not a documentary.  Nonetheless, this does not disappoint, it is like a soap opera but realistic, with an amazing cast.
Alicia Florrick as pictured is the protagonist and it covers all aspects of her life as a lawyer and the drama pursuing after her husband cheats in the public eye. It was featured on Vogue as an under-appreciated series, and the eye candy is pretty solid too!


 - Suits -

 (photos found on google.com)

I am only just getting into this series, on episode 3 as we speak, but don't let your view be tainted as mine was. The title suggests a macho, gritty legal drama yet in the first five minutes they have introduced a powerful female CEO, a marijuana drug dealer and a sex scene. The women are almost equal in power and attraction to the men, and this is also based in a large city law firm but no doubt will focus on the personal drama that ensues amongst the cast. Both of these remind me of Scandal , another fave of mine but based in the real world with more eye candy, stronger story-lines and a wider range of episode topics. 

Have you seen these? Let me know your thoughts!



  1. The Good Wife is excelent!
    My january favorite: Mad Man.

  2. The Good Wife is excelent!
    My january favorite: Mad Man.


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