Exploring London; Royal Interiors, Plaid & Gorgeous Views

Hey ladies,

Today is a roundup of photos on a recent trip, on a recent trip! I came home to London for a while before heading back to Beijing for a few months, and I visited central London with my mum. 

We went to Guildhall, I won't bore you with a history lesson, but if you are interested there is lots of info online, and it is basically an old Hall which houses various historic meeting rooms, chambers etc.

It was really cool to see the changes throughout history, as it is in use to this day. Anyway, I wore a simple, somewhat typically British outfit for this outing. 

This is me in the main hall, which had such beautiful ceilings and decorum, there were so many little details, my neck started to hurt from staring!
 I brought my new handbag (featured on insta if you want to take a peek), a plaid coat from Next and accessorized with a blue silk scarf.

The rest of my outfit isn't visible in these pictures, but as for makeup I went very simple as it was more of a sightseeing day; lip balm, foundation, powder and lots of Lancome Hypnose mascara.

This is me and mama J on the top of St Paul's, looking down at the 360 view of London. I imagine this would look gorgeous during the sunset.



  1. Beautiful pictures! Looks amazing there


  2. Beautiful,I wish could visit this place!


  3. I really like your blog.Very clean and neat.Keep up the great work!!!

  4. Your trip looks amazing and I love the outfit you're wearing it looks super cute and comfy!


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