Cheapest Holy Grail Haircare

Hey ladies,

Here is my favourite, most inexpensive item on my weekly treat list.

As often as possible, I apply this to shampooed hair and leave in for usually 20 minutes. If I have time then I'll leave it on in the morning or evening and go about my day with a hair cap on!

Of course, I'll sit at home rather than leave the house as I'd get some funny looks, but it is worth the effort. You could also just put a hairclip in and let it really soak into your hair.

This is usually less than 10 pounds in a shop for a huge container, so I would definitely recommend this saviour from nature.



  1. Ohh I have not used Coconut Oil in my hair before~ ^ ^
    Maybe I will see how it goes! ^ - ^

  2. its my holy grail too.....good for hair, skin and health if you eat a spoon of extra virgin coconut once a day.....

  3. I loooooove coconut oil! I use it before bedtime as a night skin care it is great for hydratation especially during winter.


  4. I'm a huge fan of coconut oil too, so cheap but really works! I've been bleaching and dying my hair a lot recently so it's been feeling a bit dry, so have been relying on coconut oil loads to give me a bit of moisture back :) xx


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